17 Highlights of 2017

Framily Friendsgiving 2017
1. Ringing in the New Year on Long Island with the fRamily, in our pajamas.

2. Going on family outings to Malibu, Big Bear, and Joshua Tree (while inevitably bickering but loving each other anyway) and exploring Barcelona, Bilbao, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, and San Sebastián with my sister.

3. Working with a Wicked awesome team (even if only on a short-term contract), learning how much social impact initiatives truly engage me, and getting trained in Mental Health First Aid.

4. Reuniting with Nick for the first time since Lolla 2015, meeting his fiancée Chante (who is such a sweetheart), and becoming an Honorary Caruso. #Fireball

5. Trying my best to, in the words of Brian Lofrumento, “double-down and invest my time in people who prioritize me as much as I prioritize them.”

This year, I’ve strengthened existing friendships near and far and made new friends. I enjoy picking up right where we left off even if we don’t get to see each other regularly. The hardest part, however, is accepting that sometimes, you just have to let go.

6. Traveling to Orlando with the fRamily to drink around the world at Epcot and witness the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

7. Catching up with my Little in Charlotte and Little Little in Philly.

8. Celebrating #TheLoveLeeChans in SoCal and #SheBecomesShih in Boston.

9. Re-signing our apartment lease and continuing to enjoy living with my fabulous roommate. Happy Golden Birthday, Sarah!

10. Falling even more in love with The City. Boston still has my heart, but New York is starting to become a close second — it’s also nice to have extended family in White Plains and on Long Island. 

11. Giving the NYC dating scene a shot.

While I’m still #SingleAF, OKCupid made for some entertaining stories (no, I’m not going to write about them publicly), and I learned a lot more about myself. The challenge for 2018 is to give up the apps and attempt to swipe right in real life.

12. Joining the Bentley NYC Alumni Committee and giving back to a school that has helped me become the person I am today.

13. Finishing grad school at Northwestern, starting a new consulting gig, and learning more about what I value in a career and workplace environment.

14. Becoming at least a little bit more comfortable with saying “no” in both my personal and professional lives.

15. Continuing to prioritize physical and mental well-being.

I’m ~20 pounds down since January 1st thanks to the Sweat with Kayla BBG workouts. I’m adding Aaptiv to the mix to not only up my cardio game, but also practice guided meditation on a more regular basis. I still find it challenging to eat healthy sometimes, especially when NYC has so many restaurants I have yet to try. I am, however, getting better at portion control while traveling weekly for work with the help of FitLife Foods.

16. Approaching life with a growth mindset and learning to be more in the present.

17. Last, but not least, finding out that the fRamily is growing — I cannot wait to meet Baby Amoia in April and Baby Cassella in May!

2017, you’ve been amazing; 2018, I’m ready for ya!