A Leap of Faith

Thank you, Julius Caesar, for leap day! I definitely needed the extra day in February to catch up on work, grad school assignments, and personal tasks, such as finishing this blog post.

On Saturday, it was 55 and sunny in Chicagoland, so I decided to walk a good 4.7 miles from Edgewater to Evanston after a delicious huevos borrachos brunch at m.henry. I appreciated the opportunity to clear my head and reflect, especially after how busy this quarter has been — I can’t believe winter classes end next week!

My biggest accomplishment this quarter is landing internship offers from multiple consulting firms, taking me one step closer to crossing the following off my Thirty Before Thirty bucket list:

#5 Re-brand myself away from a finance/accounting career and into an organizational change or corporate/marketing strategy path.

Preparing for case interviews was quite the process, and I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who practiced with me and helped me succeed, especially Terri Cramer, my MSLOC advisor. Deciding between offers was almost as tough as preparing for the interviews, and after making several pros and cons lists, having discussions with multiple sounding boards, and listening to my mixed gut feelings, I finally decided. While I will always have some Green Dot pride and will forever cherish those Moments That Matter (and I am grateful for the opportunity to return to a different service area), I am going to see what Building a Better Working World is all about. Catch my drift? 😉

Fail faster, succeed sooner. -David Kelley, Founder & Chairman, IDEO

Public accounting was a career path I had known since my sophomore year at Bentley, and leaving the known for the unknown took a leap of faith. I remember initially feeling like a failure when I decided not to pursue my CPA, and some people strongly believed that I was throwing my career away by leaving external audit too soon (they thankfully agreed to support my decision regardless), but I knew that it wasn’t the long-term career for me. I do have to admit that I am glad I launched my career in public accounting — it further strengthened my work ethic, introduced me to some of my closest mentors and friends (HI MEGAN! HOLA CAROLYNN!), and exposed me to the world of consulting, specifically human capital and organization transformation. I did my research, spoke with multiple advisors, and ended up at Northwestern after an internal firm transfer and a few months at a startup. Once I finish my internship in NYC this summer and hopefully receive a full-time offer, I can officially mark bucket list item number five, complete!

If you’re interested in learning more about my experience as a career shifter, please feel free to reach out and set up a time to chat in person or virtually. If you’ve changed careers yourself, I’d also love to hear your story!

Additional Thirty Before Thirty Updates

#5, 6, 10, 18, 23, and 27 are currently in-progress (I’ll even be in Denmark on March 15th!), but check out the following items I have completed:

#11 Attend a multi-day music festival: Lollapalooza, July 2015, with James, Corey, Sarina, Nick, and Jen.
#25 Participate in a week-long fitness/wellness retreat: Phuket Fit, May 2015, with my sister Myra.
#29 Live by myself: Evanston, IL, June 2015-Present.


I’d also like to thank fellow Bentley ’11 alumna, Hillary Schnip, for taking the time to participate in an interview for my second #msloc430 post: Using Yammer to Engage Employees at a Large Multinational CPG Company.

Let’s Catch Up!

When is the last time you and I spoke and/or hung out? Let’s catch up — I’d love to hear how you are doing!

One thought on “A Leap of Faith

  1. With your drive and work ethic I knew #5 would be checked off in no time! So proud of you for taking the leap and working so hard. Now get back to the east coast! ❤ See you soon!


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