Thirty Before Thirty: Number One, Start a Blog.

Today, I am officially closer to thirty than twenty. As a birthday present to myself, I am starting this blog and crossing off the first item on my Thirty Before Thirty bucket list. Don’t worry, I also spent this past weekend in NYC celebrating with my birthday twin Hillary and this evening I am heading to Loretta’s for farewell drinks with a bunch of friends – if you’re in the area, come join us!

After almost eight years of calling Massachusetts home and living here for the most number of consecutive years to date (compared to SoCal, Cebu, Utah, and Madrid), it is hard to believe that I am moving out of my Boston apartment in nine days. Lately, I have been thinking about who from Boston I am actually going to keep in touch with. Who do I want to make an effort to talk to? Who is going to make an effort to reach out to me?

Yes, advances in technology and social media have made it easier for us to communicate with one another, but we can still get so caught up in our own day to day lives. Maybe we are spending countless hours in windowless conference rooms, hunching over workpapers, forgetting when we last saw sunlight, and bonding with our team as we long for that filing date of never. Maybe we are overwhelmed with extracurricular activities. Maybe we are dating someone new and are zoned into that honeymoon stage of a relationship. Maybe we are locked up in a library studying for standardized tests or working on group projects. Maybe we do not want to leave our apartments due to the ridiculous amount of snow. Maybe we are simply busy with life.

I do not know how busy I will be once graduate school starts in June, but I do know that I would like to do my best to keep in touch. My friends sometimes joke around that I am the Queen of Networking, often connecting people. Instead of networking, I actually like to think about it more as Relationship Building.

If we build relationships as opposed to network, we add another layer to our relationships. Your relationships are now much more than cultivating a “productive relationship for employment,” they now have become a genuine relationship in which you show interest for other people as a whole, not just their profession, title, or employer.Jose Gutierrez, a fellow BentleyU and Deltasig alum.

I enjoy getting to know people because I believe that we learn something different from each other’s perspective, and, it’s fun. Meeting new people is a great way to get out of our comfort zones, but it is equally important to continue maintaining and strengthening existing relationships. I have done a great job in keeping in touch with a good amount of family, friends, colleagues, and mentors across the globe thus far, whether we talk on a regular basis or have a major catch up session about once a year, but there is always room for improvement.

I haven’t seen my sister Myra, who is currently teaching English in Thailand, since September, and I haven’t seen Jackie, a close friend who is exploring her personal and professional interests in Australia, since May. While they are among those who I chat with almost every day, I gain more insight through reading their blogs and feel even more connected to them. Amrita, the founder of the fashion technology startup I currently work at and who I happen to meet via Twitter (a story of its own), also inspired me to start my own blog, amongst other things. After floating the idea of this blog to my sister, my MSLOC advisor, and some friends, here I am.

My goal is for The Alexa Connection to evolve into a lifestyle blog and creative outlet, connecting people to my thoughts and potentially to each other. I am interested in blogging about a wide array of topics, including but not limited to those listed on the About page. As a newbie to blogging and WordPress, I am excited to see how this blog is going to unfold and I look forward to actively hearing your feedback and input!


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4 thoughts on “Thirty Before Thirty: Number One, Start a Blog.

  1. Hi..don’t know if u will remember me…but We are related…what u have said is so true and we get lost in our day to day life that we forget that we have to have fun also. Meeting friends on weekends, calling our nearest and dearest ones just to know how they are and just take a “me time”. Take care and will read more of your blog…good luck!


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